BOARDHEADS Documentary Screening on CURRENT TV!!

Hey Everyone.  I’m stoked to announce that the genius programmers at Current TV are airing BoardHeads a dozen times in just over a week!

If you haven’t seen it…here’s a chance…and please Share the Stoke by telling your friends.


Here’s the schedule & below is the list of what channel Current is on.

Today 8/26:
3PM Pacific – 6PM Eastern
11PM Pacific – 2AM Eastern (Monday)Tuesday 8/28: 10PM Pacific – 1AM Eastern (Wednesday)Friday 8/31
1AM Pacific – 10PM Eastern (Thursday)
2PM Pacific – 5PM Eastern
11PM Pacific – 2AM Eastern (Saturday)

Saturday 9/1: 1PM Pacific – 4PM Eastern

Sunday 9/2: 7AM Pacific – 10AM Eastern

Monday 9/3: 7AM Pacific – 10AM Eastern

Thursday 9/6: 1AM Pacific – 10PM Eastern (Wednesday)

DISH Network – 215
Comcast – 107 or 125
Time Warner Cable – 103 or 142
AT&T U-Verse – 189
Verizon FIOS – 192

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BoardHeads available now on iTunes!

After what seemed like FOREVER…the inspirational documentary BoardHeads is now available on iTunes.  We’re super-stoked that the film is now for sale AND rent in BOTH High Def and Standard Definition >> all at great prices.  People can share the stoke by renting in SD for as little as $2.99!  HD rental only $3.99.  Purchasing the HD version is $12.99.   SD >> $9.99.  Having created the film in HD, I encourage people to see it that way of course…the full clarity and sharp colors are far superior in HD, but the SD version is great if you need to save a couple bucks.

If you haven’t seen BoardHeads yet, or have been waiting for an easy & affordable way to share it with friends and family, please check out (and pass along) the link below:

Turns out it’s quite a process to get a film on iTunes.  They have super-strict regulations for the content in all films, credits and trailers.  For example: all the URLs have been removed (there were a TON in the credits) and several other very interesting technical hurdles were dealt with >> ever heard the term “Cadence”??  Email me if you’d like specifics on getting your film on iTunes.

Up Next: NETFLIX!  Streaming soon…

Shred Hard & Prosper!!!



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Check out the trailer for the inspirational documentary “BoardHeads”:

About the Film:

The documentary “BoardHeads” takes an inspiring look into the worldwide community of BoardRiders.  It defines what boarding culture is about and shows the impact of boardheads in unique and empowering ways.  Individually and collectively, the global tribe of riders makes the world a cooler place.

Not only Surfers, but SkateBoarders, SnowBoarders, WindSurfers, WakeBoarders and KiteSurfers…anyone riding ANY board on every conceivable surface is a BoardHead! We all share the stoke of boardriding and that’s what makes us a Global Tribe. Even bodyboarders, sandboarders, skimboarders, skysurfers and gamers are part of the clan.

“BoardHeads” features real world shredders and action sports superstars including Kelly Slater, Greg Noll,  Robby Naish, Kevin Langeree and Shaun Tomson.  Its been filmed in DV and Hi-Def over the last six years at hot spots around the world: Hawaii, Aruba, California, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, France, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Bonaire and many more awesome locations thanks to the help of a global team of shooters.

“BoardHeads” is designed to be inclusive – I’ve not only interviewed professionals, but typical riders around the world as well. In addition to exploring their passions for boards, we discussed common bonds that all boarders share: Families, Relationships, Dangers, Spirituality, Travel, Vehicles and Lessons. These topics, combined with lots of great action and music, make “BoardHeads” entertaining, exciting and inspiring.

While making “BoardHeads” I’ve met amazing people and been to awesome places, and one of the things I started noticing almost everywhere is the way boardheads “Share the Stoke” with others. South African kids taken off the street by learning to surf; windsurfers building a rig to take out their paralyzed friend; surfers taking autistic children out in the waves; and seeing people without an arm or leg who still get out there and ride boards…these inspiring stories have become the heart of “BoardHeads.” In the spirit of sharing the stoke, proceeds from “BoardHeads” will be shared with charities like Surfer’s Healing and the Surfrider Foundation.

“BoardHeads” is finally finished and DVDs are available.  Please go to the “BoardHeads Store” page so you can get a DVD and if you’d like to support the project…please buy some of our caps or other gear:

Get the Film and Gear!

Shred Hard & Prosper!


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BoardHeads Holiday Two-for-One sale. Share the Stoke!

dvdsFrom now until the end of the year, all BoardHeads DVD orders will be automatically doubled!  These DVDs are packed full of heart, action and stoke.  Buy one and get two…or buy a two pack and get four, etc… There’s no limit to the stoke you can share!  Not only is this a fun film for the whole family, they also make great holiday gifts.  For more information about the film, please click here. All discount and charity codes still apply.  Click here to purchase now.

Thanks again for all the support.

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Canary Islands & Spain from the BoardHead perspective >> Summer 2011

As lifelong BoardHeads, my wife Snapp and I travel to as many boardriding spots around the world as possible.  Our most recent trip brought us to the Canary Islands and Spain.  The Canaries are known as the “islands of eternal spring,” meaning the weather is pleasant year-round.  Since windsurfing was the focus of this trip, we determined that mid-summer’s windy months would be best for us.  Three weeks was the most we could get off work, and we flew thru Madrid, so we decided to do two weeks on the islands and one in mainland Spain. 

The Canaries are Spanish but lie just off the coast of Morocco, so as expected, Fuerteventura is a “desert island.”  Rocky cliffs dominate the coastline, but some giant sand dunes create huge beaches like “Flag Beach” on the north east coast.  It’s about four miles long and the windsurf center there is an easy five-minute drive from the fishing village of Corralejo.  The town is just the right size – not huge but with plenty of dining and drinking spots.

The “Flag Beach Kite-Wind-Surf School” is well stocked with toys and is right at a great place to launch both kites and windsurfers.  A fun place for windsport enthusiasts…the water is so clear it seems like you’re gonna clip rocks with your fin…but there’s actually plenty of depth for safe action.  Although we’ve tried kiting, Snapp & I are completely addicted to windsurfing…and at Flag Beach that made us part of the minority.  The upside…less competition for the boards and sails.

We had so much fun at Flag Beach that we only took one day to explore the rest of the island…which has a ton of historical sites, cute little towns, beautiful beaches, old churches etc…  Overall we found Fureteventura’s fantastic windsports, affordable accommodations, great roads, numerous flight & ferry options, and diverse foods made it a place well worth visiting.

Our next destination, Tenerife is the largest of the Canaries and is further from Morocco which might be why it is so much greener than FV.  It also has the capital Santa Cruz, which is much larger and more modern than expected.  Like FV, the roads are easy to navigate and generally in great condition.

El Medano was our windsurf spot on Tenerife, but since we exchanged a timeshare for the week, we got to stay at the nearby Santa Barbara Golf Resort.  Staying in town would have been more convenient, but the ten minute drive from there to S.B. was well worth it considering the luxury of our condo for the price.  El Medano is a huge bay with a tiny port at one end and a large “Montana Roja” (red mountain) dominating the landscape at the other.  This red rock funnels the wind and is surely responsible for the 100+ windsurfers and kiters that were out the Sunday afternoon we arrived.

El Medano’s OTC (Official Test Center) was our windsurfing rental choice due to their huge selection of new gear to try.  Boards by RRD, JP, Tabou, Quattro and more are plentiful as are sails by numerous brands.  Ben and his team are friendly, knowlegable and very reasonable when adding up our bill at the end of our stay.

Unlike FV, at El Medano kiters were the minority, and they mostly stayed downwind of the windsurfers.  This separation is a good thing for windsurfers who generally prefer to avoid the prospect of a kite falling on them or in their path.  With a sandy beach launch and unobstructed wind, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Depending on the swell size and direction, the launch was at times flat and easy and other times challenging to get thru the shorebreak, making it a place better suited for intermediates and advanced sailors than beginners.  At the north end of the bay were larger waves where more advanced wave riders could play, and around the point at Cabezo, expert wavesailors and kiters have a playground of their own.  Cabezo even has a cute little beach bar where we had drinks while watching the expert riders at what felt like a “European Hookipa.”

Other than in the tourist towns of Los Christianos and Plaza las Americas, we didn’t meet any other Americans…mostly Spaniards, Brits and Germans with some Dutch and Frenchies as well.  Overall, the Canaries, with year round nice weather and easy access, seemed to us like a “Maui of Europe.”  One thing we really liked about El Medano, unlike Maui, there are tons of cafes and boutiques right at the beach, making lunches and after shredding drinks convenient and fun.

After two wonderful weeks in the Canaries, we headed to mainland Spain.  Our first stop, Madrid was cleaner and safer than expected, and having the keys to a friend’s family apartment there made it even better…thanx Jose!  With only a few days to check it out, we got on the double-decker sightseeing bus for an orientation before exploring on our own.  The parks, dining and shopping were all great, except with the US dollar so weak, everything seemed a bit pricey.

It was pretty bloody, but experiencing an actual bullfight was well worth doing.  Not really a “fair fight,” the nearly 1,000 year old tradition is more of a public execution of 6 bulls per night…with style.  Definitely interesting unless you’re a member of PETA.  The costumes and flair of the Matadors seem to be the main draw…other than the blood for some.

Although not a typical tourist destination, we headed to Valencia next to stay a few days with my brother’s close friends, Patrice & Lucia.  The Mediterranean port town has a great mix of medieval walls, historic sites and very modern architecture.  The highlight of our stay there was definitely our day trip about an hour south to the coastal town Calpe.  We hiked on the huge iconic rock that dominates the landscape, swam under it and got in a little light wind windsurfing at Las Antipodes surf & sailing school.  Tato and champion freestyle windsurfer Vicky Sanchez were super-friendly and would be great instructors for anyone who wants to learn sailing, stand-up-paddling or windsurfing.

The last stop on this trip, Barcelona was definitely worth a visit, but way more touristy and crowded than expected.  The port and beaches are nice…we even saw some BoardHeads out windsurfing…but for us the Gaudi architecture and his park Guell stood out as the highlights.  Overall, our three weeks were fantastic…great windsurfing and sightseeing at all our destinations.  Given more time for the trip, we would have loved to get to the windsports mecca Tarifa in the south…something to look forward to for the next time we get back to Spain!

For our complete online photo album please CLICK HERE.

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BoardHeads New York Premiere @ NY Surf Film Festival – 9/17/11

(UPDATE: we had an awesome time at the festival in NYC…and I will be creating a new post once the judges announce the results)
The heartwarming documentary BoardHeads will premiere in New York city on Saturday Sept 17th at 10:45 pm at the Cinema Village Theater, 22 E. 12th st. in Greenwich Village as part of the fourth annual New York Surf Film Festival.  This year’s festival happens the same week as the first ever ASP New York surfing competition on NY’s Long Beach, where #1 ranked Kelly Slater continues his fight for an unprecedented 11th world championship, so there should be tons of serious boardheads around.  (UPDATE: Favorable conditions enabled the ASP to conclude the competition earlier than planned…congratulations to Owen Wright…winner of the event, who edged out Kelly Slater to win the $300,000 purse!)  Producer/Director Davo Weiss and Producer Janet Snapp will attend the festival and will participate in a Q&A session immediately following the film.  For more info about the film…click HERE.

More info from the NYSFF site:

The New York Surf Film Festival strives every year to curate an exhibition of the highest quality surf films from around the world.  We create an annual pilgrimage that gives the surfing community and general public a spotlight in the city to celebrate the filmmaking craft,  honor the heritage, and learn about the new movements within and surrounding the surf lifestyle.  We connect  filmmakers, athletes, friends and family together to enjoy the beauty and stories that are captured on camera.

Festival Overview:
The New York Surf Film Festival is an event consisting of three days of screenings of independent short and feature films, cult classics, and world premieres from established surf filmmakers. In between screenings, we will be hosting a surf history lecture series, Q&A Sessions with filmmakers and notable surfers, Panel Discussions, and Meet & Greets. We will also be curating a Surf Art Gallery to be open to the public for the duration of the weekend. Please contact us if you are interested in showcasing your work.

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BoardHeads goes Virtual!

Its finally here!  By popular demand, the downloadable version of the heartwarming documentary “BoardHeads” is available at, the place for independent films.  To make the deal even sweeter, the download version is only $11.11, about half the price of a DVD, and can be watched instantly… no waiting for shipping.   Download your copy now!

For more information about the film: CLICK HERE

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Electric Powered Surfboards >> coming soon to a beach near you!

Its a dream come true for some people, its going to be thought of as a nuisance by others…but motorized surfing is here!  After 10 years in development, “Wavejet” surfboards will be on a demo tour this summer…and if I get a chance I’ll try one any day!  I have a battery powered E-Glide skateboard and I love it for cruising my neighborhood, the LMU campus and along the Playa del Rey beach path.

Personally, I’m stoked to think that if later in life, we can get some assistance riding waves if needed…there’s this technology around.   Also, there’s amputees and other disabled riders who will absolutely LOVE this thing.  For the haters out there: don’t worry, at $4,500 there won’t be too many out there real quick.  For more info: check out this LINK.



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BoardHeads gets another great Review

After years of hard work, its nice to see that people really enjoy BoardHeads.  Don Schwartz of CineSource in the San Francisco Bay area says:

BoardHeads” is the most comprehensive movie ever about people who ride boards…Davo Weiss has created that rare documentary film that exudes joy from beginning to end.

Please check out the whole REVIEW HERE!


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“SOUL SURFER” movie review from the BoardHeads perspective

The feature film “Soul Surfer” is based on the true life story of Bethany Hamilton, a girl from Hawaii who was an aspiring professional surfer when a shark changed her life forever by tearing off her left arm.  I’m not a professional film reviewer, but since I have a segment on her in my documentary BoardHeads (see clip below) and her story is so inspirational, I feel like sharing the stoke I got from viewing “Soul Surfer.”

“Soul Surfer” starts out showing a pair of young girls playing guitars together, surfing and enjoying the beach with their families.  Their life seems perfect.  As teenagers, Bethany (AnnaSophia Robb) and her best girlfriend still surf together, and after a youth surfing competition are offered sponsorship by the surfwear company Rip Curl.  Bethany’s parents (Helen Hunt & Dennis Quaid) and brothers are super-supportive and everything seems to be going their way.  There’s tons of fun in the sun and a great night surfing party.

Technically the film looks and sounds great.  The writing is natural and Sean McNamara’s direction is outstanding.  The surfing footage is extremely well shot and the Hawaiian lifestyle is portrayed perfectly.  My only complaint: in the beginning it seemed like every ten minutes we get reminded of the importance of God one way or another.  I felt like that aspect of the story could have been more subtle.  That said, from the time in the film where she loses her arm, Bethany’s determination to overcome this new hardship is portrayed with class and healthy doses of emotion.

As she recovers, Bethany can’t quite understand why bad things happen to good people and how this could be God’s plan for her.  She teaches herself to surf again with only one arm, and tries her luck at the next youth surf competition.  Unfortunately she gets pounded by some big waves and loses her competitive spirit…which seemed to be the only thing keeping her going.  With encouragement by her minister (Carrie Underwood) she embarks on a church “mission” to help with tsunami relief in Thailand.  In the midst of all the pain, she takes a sad little Thai boy out on a surfboard and realizes that despite her personal tragedy, she can bring joy to the lives of others.   This gives her a new sense of hope and once back home in Hawaii, she regains her determination to become a professional surfer.

A nice surprise for me was seeing how the filmmakers covered Bethany and her fellow female surfers in competition.  It showed that girls can rip too, which is rarely shown in the media.  Throughout the film, one girl is portrayed as Bethany’s rival, and in the end, after seeing how Bethany overcomes her physical limitations, this girl changes from total bitch to respectful friend.  You can’t leave the theater after “Soul Surfer” without a smile on your face…which is exactly how I hope people feel about “BoardHeads.”

Special thanks from me to one of the producers of “Soul Surfer” Dutch Hofstetter, to Timothy Hamilton who made my segment on Bethany possible, and of course to Bethany for her participation in “BoardHeads” and her whole outlook on life.

I give “Soul Surfer” 9 out of 10 Boards UP!  See it now in theaters or rent/buy it when it comes out on BluRay & DVD.

Share the Stoke!


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